Strategy Superpowers

Inqbate works with Entrepreneurs to co-create & implement intelligently designed business models.  We believe freedom is waking up excited about your day.  We are working on creating freedom for everyone involved in an inqbate company.


Joining the accelerator

Unlike most bloodsucking consulting shops 🙂 our incentives are perfectly aligned with yours. We built our entire model around one core concept, we win when you win.

The accelerator is a collaborative partnership between your business & ours. Working with our senior leadership team & experienced non-execs we will together create a scalable strategy & then we’ll help project manage implementation.

The programme is built around longterm partnerships in which we can co-invest & take ownership.

Non-Negotiable Values

The first rule of working with inqbate? Absolutely No dicks (the metaphorical kind, having an actual penis is fine)! We are all nice people, we wear our hearts on our sleve and have no other agenda than building a great company.

I am concerned I have dick-ish tendencies, should I still get in touch? As the old saying goes, 'if you have to ask...'. The No Dick rule is more of an ideology than a rule. Let's face it, even the best of us can sometimes display questionable behaviour. Perhaps more important than the No Dick Rule is that you will share our non-negotiable values. Be Bold. Be Kind. Work Hard. Have Fun.