COVID 19 - Action Plan & Support

+20 page COVID Action Plan  This document summarises everything we are doing in our portfolio companies right now.  Summary of UK Gov support & access links. Guides on priorities & implementation. Access to business support group.

Strategy Superpowers

Inqbate works with Entrepreneurs to co-create & implement intelligently designed business models.  We believe freedom is waking up excited about your day.  We are working on creating freedom for everyone involved in an inqbate company.


Updates & Posts

COVID 20 Page Action Plan Review

Yesterday Christopher Gibbons and Amy Beck went live on inqbates Facebook page, to discuss the implications that COVID 19 may have on businesses. Together they went through the “COVID 19 – Action Plan” and PDF created by Amy (What would Amy do?), which details what they have been doing, the government support that is currently…
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Strategy Superpowers Launch Giveaway

This box changed my life… and I’m giving away its contents! Answer 3 super quick questions to enter the prize draw for all these books! I am crowdsourcing topics for our new show, “Strategy Superpowers”!! – The Show Starts in April The show is about unpicking what makes a {tiny} majority of businesses struggle along…
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Three Steps To Profitable Marketing Workshop

Anyone can run successful marketing with these simple rules… Learn the simple science behind creating marketing that actually works! If you have ever invested advertising that seemed to cost more money than it generated, this is for you. You will learn why results have nothing to do with your branding or design.  The core principles…
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The Microsecond Pause That Will Save Your Sales Calls

I have forgotten how much the little things count. Especially when making sales calls. While listening in to some sales calls, I noticed a few really tiny things that even “highly trained” sales people are just not doing… the results are magic! The team went from booking 2 appointments in 14 days, to 10 in…
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Our Business Models Are Killing Us…

Has tech made you more or less efficient? Today, we have a growing pile of “useful tools” to help us grow our businesses and, in theory, at least make life easier, improve our efficiency and hopefully make everything much more enjoyable…. BUT… The truth is far too many people are in businesses that are literally…
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4 Ways To Market To Millennials – That have nothing to do with marketing

So how do you get Millennials to respond to your marketing? There are at least 4 things that make a big difference when “Marketing to Millennials” that have absolutely nothing to do with “Marketing”. The truth is “millennial” or not, the rules of marketing don’t really change … but there is some secret sauce you’ll…
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Joining the accelerator

Unlike most bloodsucking consulting shops 🙂 our incentives are perfectly aligned with yours. We built our entire model around one core concept, we win when you win.

The accelerator is a collaborative partnership between your business & ours. Working with our senior leadership team & experienced non-execs we will together create a scalable strategy & then we’ll help project manage implementation.

The programme is built around longterm partnerships in which we can co-invest & take ownership.