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The £10m+ Accelerator Programme.

Inqbate partners with selected entrepreneurs over an intense 36-month business accelerator with a minimum £10m valuation target.

Nobody does win-win like this …

With truly aligned incentives, we are in this together.

Most (blood-sucking) consulting shops make profits from charging fees, which we think is really dumb.  Instead, we have aligned our incentives with yours and built our entire model around one core concept: we win when you win.  Being accepted to join the Accelerator Programme and receive up to £100K funding means that we believe you have 10X growth potential.

What you get

Combine your vision and industry expertise, with the Inqbate Accelerator Strategy, Execution and Performance Management System to deliver growth at scale.

  • Non-Exec Chair
  • Non-Exec Finance Director
  • Non-Exec Marketing Director
  • Non-Exec CTO
  • Non-Exec Creative Director
  • Non-Exec Performance & Leadership Coach
  • Strategy Execution Model
  • Up to 100K Equity Investment

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Getting started

Most businesses float in the wind, jumping from project to project with a trial and error approach to growth.

This can often look like a series of small decisions that individually make sense, but overall amount to a lack of direction that pull the business off-course. 

Before you are even accepted into the programme you will work with our senior strategist to develop clear foundations and direction to your strategy.  These include Alignment, Business Model Design and Execution Planning.

A clearly defined mission and goal that satisfies the key stakeholders. An organisation without this is failing at its most basic level!

Defining how you will reach your goal. Your business model describes what you do, who for and how

Your ideas are worthless without action! Following a disciplined process of planning, reporting, progress review and actionable tasks, you will get more done in the first 3 months than most do in 3 years!

Are you ready to scale?

Discover more about how it works.

Think you might have 10X growth potential? Find out what you can expect from the Inqbate Accelerator Programme and what will be expected from you, in a 35 minute Discovery Session. 

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