Performance & Leadership Coaching

Sharpen the axe & perform at your highest level

Inqbate Coaching Whistle

Your coach is there to help you grow and perform at the highest level.  The objective is to make sure the plans you have set are implemented. While your Non-Execs are there to give their own personal advice, teach you best practice and work with you, your coach will help draw out the best you have to give.

Your coaching sessions are personal, private and focused purely on helping you achieve your goals. We believe that businesses must serve the people that work in them and that should include the owners and leadership teams.

Your performance is dictated by your skills, activity and focus on key actions. These are the three topics of each coaching session. Improving your skills as a business leader, reviewing your performance of the work you completed the previous week and resetting focus to make sure the upcoming week's planned actions are the highest priority.

You will typically begin with around one hour weekly coaching sessions and over time, move to less frequent conversations.