Grünstadt Office For Rent | Flexible Co-Working Space. Limited Spaces Available

Concerned about wasting time commuting into Mannheim and Ludwigshafen because of increased road congestion?  Looking for an office for your small business?  Inqbate Workspace has a limited number of co-working places available in our from August 2018.  Come for a visit.

Workspace One Floorplan

Workspace was first dreamed up in 2015 when our founder Chris Gibbons fell in love with an office building in the centre of Grünstadt.  Within minutes of arriving, he asked the occupant if he ever planned to move, which was met with a pretty confusing look.  On the journey home, Chris turned to his wife and said, I'll have that building as my office one day.  We built the layout around Chris' original vision.

Workspace is now looking for new locations with similar potential.

Grünstadter Büro Inqbate Business

Grünstadt Office For Rent


Deine neue Arbeitsumgebung in Grünstadt

Egal ob Freelancer, Angestellter oder Start-Up Gründer. Bei uns findest du eine Arbeitsatmosphäre, die deine Produktivität auf ein neues Niveau heben wird. Direkt vor deiner Haustüre.

Co-working is future

" Coworking is a social gathering of a group of people who are still working independently, but who share values. " Wikipedia

The only reason most people still travel to a single corporate city office is that is the past we had no good alternative.  Tech has free us from that need, but home offices are not the solution.  Given a blank sheet of paper to design the best work environment for your company you would never end up with a central city office.  Co-Working spaces, on the other hand, are pretty close to perfect!

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Life Long Learning

Where you will be in 5 years mostly depends on the people you spend the most time with, what you learn and the action you take.  We encourage all our co-workers to use our library and join us for regular team training on topics like sales, marketing, strategy, finance and innovation.

Eat. Work. Play.

They say, when you find a job you love, you will never do another day's works again.

We are perhaps a little more realistic than that, but Workspace is certainly an environment you'll love being part of.  All the best things about working from home combined with the best things about an office mean you'll look forward to coming to work.

Inqbate Business Community | Grünstadt Office page

The fastest way to improve your results? Improve your environment

Building a business is brave & challenges enough already, so picking the best work environment is a simple productivity hack that could mean the difference between success and failure.  Your excuses will have no place to hide in an inqbate workspace. 

Take a tour

Inqbate Workspace in Grünstadt is now taking applications from people with big ambitions who looking for a place to work.  Maybe you are working for a large corporation, but want to avoid the 2 hours daily commute into the city?  Maybe you are building a startup and need a place for a small team or maybe you need a desk just for yourself?

If you are planning on doing something great and your not a douchebag, then we'd love you to come and take a look.

Core Values

Environment is more than the physical space. It's defined by the people in the space. Inqbate Workspace Co-Workers share four common values.

Be Bold.

Be Kind.

Work Hard.

Have Fun.

Strickly no douche bags.

Whats in your office?

Meeting Rooms

Perfect location for meetings with Free Refreshments & Presentation Materials


We hate clutter and unnecessary paperwork, but when you need it Admin and is where you can Print, post, get the idea.

Business Book club

Never wish things were easier, wish you were better.  Get unstuck with a book. 

Free High Speed Internet

Free high speed WLAN for you and your guests

Bike parking

We are 2 min from the Train station, ditch the car altogether and ride in.

Open Kitchen

Unlimted coffee, water and fruit.  Plus a simple kitchen if you feel like copping up a salad. 

Flexible Workspace

Bring your laptop, pick a desk & start working.  Keeping things simple, helps you focus on what matters most.

Simple Pricing

Everything is included, from internet and energy bills to paper clips and colouring pens.

Private Conversations

Sometimes you need to talk in private, we have space for that too.

Upgrade your office, upgrade your life

Let's face it. Commuting to the city every day is a waste of your valuable time.  Working from home can be even more distracting.  But, sometimes you need something in-between.  Maybe you need a place you can focus without distractions from colleagues? Maybe you'd like to save yourself the 2 hours you'd usually waste travelling to the city?  Maybe working is challenging with your family at home? Come and give it a try.

Membership options


Flexi Membership gives you 8 - 20 half-day access per month.  Perfect for a few meetings or days when you want to avoid a commute to your main city office.

  • Flexible for 8 - 20 half-days per month
  • Guest passes available for client or team meetings
  • Just bring your laptop and get down to work
  • Fixed monthly pricing

Hot Desk

Unlimted usage of the Workspace.  Perfect for self-employed, startups or if you need regular space away from your corporate office.

  • Dedicated desk
  • Unlimted guest passes
  • Free Meeting Room Access
  • Unlimited access to Adminland

Need space for teams to work? Ask us about corporate packages.

Come for a visit

Ready to come and visit? Inqbate Workspace has extreemly limited availability so if you even remotely interested in co-working with us, then complete the form below and we'll call you to arrange a visit.

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